To become familiar with the fundamentals of the Skill Coaching methodology, to understand how behavioural competencies create value for performance, and how to implement and deliver programmes designed for training of specific skills. In addition, the training includes reflection on the theme of adult learning, and on how the evaluation of competencies generates greater awareness and motivation.

Themes that enable a new approach towards change will be explored in three sessions. Discover how to develop the sensitivity and competencies that facilitate an understanding of the importance of improvement for members of the organisational workforce.


  • The role of competencies and their evaluation in professional learning and development
  • The specifics of Skill Coaching
  • Andragogy and adult learning processes
  • Learning styles and factors that facilitate and inhibit competency improvement
  • The enablers of competency development: Coaching, skills gym, self-coaching
  • Comparing different Skill Development experiences


The course is designed for:

  • HR professionals…
  • Organisational development specialists…
  • Coaches, trainers and consultants…

interested in developing their own competencies and those of their colleagues.

The course is particularly valuable following organisational processes that reveal skills gaps or upskilling needs, such as:

  • competency mapping
  • skills needs analyses
  • initiatives involving new roles and responsibilities
  • performance appraisal
  • targeted development initiatives that integrate different enablers


  • Because skills improvement has a central role in professional development and the sustainability and growth of the business
  • To promote an innovative approach to dealing with change in the organisation
  • To accelerate development processes by greater awareness of how we learn
  • To acquire the fundamentals for becoming skills trainers

The course takes the participant through the knowledge and practical application of different Skill Coaching tools. It includes opportunities to refine skills and apply the learning via hands-on “gym” activities.

Those completing the course gain credits towards certification for the professional role of Skill Coach.

The course is directed by Fulvia Frattini, Head of Coaching Practice who has 15 years’ experience as a Business Coach and a Certified Master Skill Coach Major Expert, with over 2500 hours of Skill Coaching practice under her belt. The lecturers are Skill Coaches with considerable experience in managerial roles in diverse organisations, as well as learning specialists, neuroscientists and psychotherapists.