Coachyourself is an online self-coaching journey designed to enhance specific behavioural skills. It uses a range of stimuli (videos, exercises, tools for putting skills into practice), to improve the effectiveness of specific behaviours in the organisational context.

When is coachyourself used?

  • An improvement plan for the development of new behavioural patterns and to reduce the  skills gap evidenced by the assessment
  • Initiate self-coaching journey following a feedback meeting
  • A powerful reinforcement of the learning gained during training courses
  • To facilitate the integration of the behavioural strategies acquired in coaching and to sustain them
  • For professionals with a lower level of responsibility, who are often unable to benefit from training opportunities due to budget restrictionst
  • For people who would otherwise not benefit from development initiatives (junior, remote staff, agency staff) or for specific target audiences, such as managers for people management


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