In a changing world, being reactive is not enough. Foreseeing and being able to pre-empt or prepare for the evolution of key phenomena means gaining competitive advantage; capability in anticipatory thinking becomes a strategic imperative. The course Developing Anticipatory Thinking enables participants to gain competencies, which, if continuously honed, empower the participant to take the helm in steering towards medium to long-term objectives. Moreover, participants will be enabled to develop the most suitable strategies to attain those objectives, guided by awareness of key variables, the impact of trends and the entire range of future possibilities. The course offers two levels of in-depth exploration: MUST and ADVANCED


  • To understand how our decisions influence the path towards the future
  • To gain valuable competencies and the ability to orientate events around desired futures
  • To harness the Anticipatory methodology and apply it in the organisational context
  • To develop strategies for planning the achievement of ambitious objectives


  • The skill of anticipatory thinking and the relationship with systemic, strategic and innovative thinking
  • Foreseeing changes: introduction to Futures Studies
  • The three levels of anticipatory analysis: forecast, foresight and anticipation
  • Trends and Megatrends: understanding and interpreting major transformations in action
  • Wild cards – Black Swans – Weak signals
  • The emotions that influence anticipatory thinking
  • Toolkit: Backcasting
  • Toolkit: Futures Wheel


  • Anticipatory Thinking in action: methods of anticipation
  • Managerial Thinking and Anticipatory Leadership
  • Systemic Thinking for managing complexity
  • An advanced model for anticipatory practice: the 3 Hs
  • Learning Agility – the learning engine for Anticipatory Thinking
  • The Individual Development Plan for Anticipatory Thinking
  • Toolkit: Future Prospects Thinking


This training programme is divided into two pathways:

  • MUST Level in which the fundamentals of anticipatory thinking and foresight are covered in two days
  • ADVANCED Level in which the specialised fields of anticipatory thinking and foresight are covered in three days

MUST Level is aimed at those who wish to perceive and understand changes, and to develop the skill of anticipating possible future developments, ensuring they are the key players in their own future.

ADVANCED Level is aimed at MUST participants who wish to deepen and consolidate their competence in Anticipatory Thinking, in order to apply it in different business contexts

The teaching and learning methodology deployed is predominantly experiential and multimedia. It involves case histories and practical exercises and provides you with toolkits for training in anticipatory methods and for use in your own business context.


-skopìa is a multi-service company at the University of Trento that has developed methodologies in anticipatory science based on academic theories and applied research. The company provides strategic intelligence and change analysis to support and guide organisations of all types, whether private or public sector, in exploring and understanding possible futures in the evolution of society, markets and production methods, in an ever more rapidly changing and complex world.