The People Strategy enables you to design effective development paths to support the achievement of results and the strengthening of your competitive positioning. Dashboards provide the key data for an effective Skills Audit, which enables your organisation to understand, at a glance, the skill coverage levels provided by your Human Capital and the related gaps. By utilising the tools at your disposal, you can ensure that the exercise reinforces your strategy, the organisation as a whole, the market addressed, and also research and innovation, creating added value.

Together, our extensive experience, focus on Human Capital, proven methodologies and commitment in supporting and collaborating with a wide range of organisations, provide assurance and inspiration for your PEOPLE STRATEGY.


  • Our approach is defined by understanding the needs of the client, and co-creating tailored and shared projects
  • We partner with and support HR in the systematic interpretation of the evaluation results, and the related opportunities that empower operational and cultural organisational development, in alignment with strategic and market priorities
  • We support the translation of organisational analysis outputs into tools for the management of human resources – from “who does what” to “who contributes with whom and how”.
  • Our methodology is designed to facilitate a constructive Manager/Team member dialogue, via feedback on performance and competency management


  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: “We have just completed a change programme. How can I rapidly find out which members of staff need support in adapting their competencies to the new organisational context?”
  • KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: “In our strategic vision, we have identified some key competencies; how can I map them and ensure they develop?”
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: “We struggle to get the Managers to understand how vital it is to conduct feedback meetings; how can we overcome this problem?”
  • SVILUPPO ORGANIZZATIVO: “We have drawn up a new organisational framework and identified key roles; how can we integrate this with our existing processes for recruitment, promotion, training, development and objectives setting?”
  • LEARNING DEVELOPMENT: “We have completed a competency assessment process; given the skills gaps revealed, how can we ensure that our L&D interventions provide added value?”


Every decision-making process needs clear data.  A systemic view of key indicators to help your People Strategy