Assessment has always been at the core of our research activity and construction of innovative tools at IDEAMANAGEMENT HUMAN CAPITAL. This methodology transforms the effectiveness of a range of organisational processes, including but not limited to recruitment and selection, the identification of profiles capable of taking on responsibilities, and staff development planning to shape the organisation’s future. Our training paths are designed to allow internal HR professionals and consultants to learn and apply them.


IDEAMANAGEMENT COACHING SCHOOL is a place where development professionals and learning process experts come together in a meeting of minds with shared commitment to the value of professional growth both for themselves and for those they help to develop. We cultivate and enhance the range of skills for HR development professionals: HR Managers, Line Managers, Coaches and Trainers. We do this through advanced and innovative coaching methods, designed to optimise performance via training in the related organisational skills.


Everybody finds themselves working simultaneously as a professional, as a team member and as the head of a team in a context of unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this context, the individual’s skills require continuous updating: some even need to be abandoned to create space to take on board new ones. Rapid generational evolution has brought five identifiable generations into the organisation, each with contrasting behaviours and expectations.

Meanwhile, accelerated technological, economic and social developments demand behavioural adaptability, rapid decision-making, initiative and foresight. IdeaManagement Human Capital’s Action Learning is built to satisfy these new requirements, and does so by integrating content, multimedia techniques, teaching and learning methods, and learning exercise “gyms”.