Change is the factor that shapes all our activities in contemporary working life. In this context, the extent and speed with which one manages to learn new ways of working becomes a competitive advantage. Skill Coaching is a methodology designed to reinforce key behaviours in working practice through focussed training.

30 years of experience in evaluating and developing Human Capital has demonstrated to us the fundamental importance of AWARENESS and MOTIVATION for the effectiveness of roles within organisations.


  • A methodology that produces tangible performance results
  • 20 years of proven knowledge and practice in delivering Skill Coaching sessions
  • A coaching practice model instilled in over 200 coaches trained across 10 editions of our Master in Skill Coaching
  • A multidisciplinary team of coaches who all follow the same proven methodology, supported by continuous development and oversight


  • INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM SKILL COACHING: Coaching focused on skill development
  • COACHYOURSELF: self-coaching training paths
  • MANAGER AS MENTOR and MANAGER AS COACH: the new frontier in the role of the modern Manager

Skill coaching is a training journey designed to enhance specific managerial capabilities. It usually follows a preliminary phase of skills’ assessment, focusing on specific targeted skill. It requires careful and precise planning, and provides a valuable method that the coachee can utilise during and/or after the coaching. In this way, it enhances the coachee’s self-awareness, optimising his/her strengths and improving less effective behaviours.


  • Generates awareness, as it starts from a skill assessment and a feedback meeting
  • It is customised: focused on specific needs and on individual targeted skill
  • Enables a gradual training process, designed as a structured and sequential learning journey
  • Designed to facilitate meta-learning too, providing the coachee with tools, methods and approaches that can be applied when the coaching is over
  • It works according to the coachee’s own preferred learning style
  • It provides the coachee with a useful toolkit

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Coachyourself is an online self-coaching journey designed to enhance specific behavioural skills.

For more information, download the brochure on this topic by using the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Prepares Managers for the role of Mentor and Coach, enabling them to be “competency trainers”
  • Provides tools and processes for the transfer of knowledge and experience
  • Enhances engagement and supports the retention of young talent


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