Our actions are influenced by our thinking. In turn, our thinking is nourished by our emotions, which transform themselves into lasting sentiments over time. Sometimes we are aware of this, others not. The integration of the cognitive with the emotional assumes an ever-increasing relevance for our interpersonal lives and for our achievements. Mindful emotional management allows us to achieve better outcomes, make sound decisions, build satisfying relationships, and last but not least, to feel better in ourselves.

The course accompanies participants in a journey of discovery in Emotional Agility, to create an understanding of how this can enhance or obstruct our skills. We all know very well the key role that competencies play in our professional lives, but we are not always aware of how our skills are influenced by emotions and sentiments. Just as there are constructive and positive emotions that enable us to develop our skills, there are also sometimes destructive or negative emotions that threaten any development process. Emotions become the means through which we relate to our environment and to others. Learning to recognise emotions and giving a name to them is an important step. Emotional Agility is the awareness of how we can utilise our emotional resources for our own wellbeing and that of the organisations in which we operate.


  • To improve your management of uncertainty
  • To increase motivation and engagement
  • To foster innovation and creativity
  • To make decisions with more awareness and sustainability
  • To improve the effectiveness of our skills in action




The teaching and learning methodology is predominantly experiential. It involves case histories, practical exercises, and provides toolkits which enable to you to train your emotional agility and harness it within your own organisational context.

The course comprises four training sessions:

  • aimed at all those who con wish to boost their effectiveness, motivation, creativity and productivity by achieving a balance between the emotional and cognitive domains, between thinking and feeling
  • conceived and delivered by Raffaella Nicolosi, an expert in the Science of Happiness and “Positive Organisations” and Angela Gallo, author of  “Competencies and Sentiments”, a book completely devoted to the rediscovery of emotions to increase the effectiveness of skills in action.