Fast Assessment


Become familiar with the key aspects of delivering a rapid and reliable assessment course, for a low cost, while safeguarding predictiveness and reliability in the competency evaluation. Design and learn how to manage an assessment that can also be entirely digital at every stage. A full overview of the purposes and added value of assessments in organisations.
Ample space is devoted to practical exercises, the use of the tools and how to adapt the process to specific organisational requirements.


  • The pillars of Assessment methodology: purpose, criteria, contents
  • Criteria and advantages of Fast Assessment
  • Assessment in the digital era and the online tools
  • Focus on competencies and the areas for evaluation in the organisational context
  • Overview of the tools for: aptitudes, skills, motivations, learning agility
  • Assessment profiles and People Strategy indicators
  • The role of feedback in assessment


The course is designed for

  • HR professionals
  • Organisational development specialists
  • Competency assessors

who need to acquire an overview of assessment methodology and the related tools for evaluating competencies.

The course takes the participant through the knowledge, utilisation and practical application of the different assessment tools. It includes opportunities to refine skills and apply the learning via hands-on “gym” activities.

The fields in which the resultant knowledge and skills are applicable are:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Competency mapping
  • Evaluation of potential
  • Training needs analyses
  • Initiatives involving new roles and responsibilities


  • To become familiar with the rationale and the core mechanisms that underpin the Assessment methodology
  • To gain a complete overview of the different evaluation tools and their effective utilisation
  • To enable you to identify innovative solutions and support decision-making in the organisational context

Those completing the course gain credits towards certification for the professional role of Competency Assessor.

The programme is designed and overseen by Angela Gallo, an internationally renowned authority in methodologies for developing Human Capital, and author of numerous publications on the topic. The lecturers are certified Assessors with many years of experience in processes of evaluation and assessment.