Everybody finds themselves working simultaneously as a professional, as a team member and as the head of a team in a context of unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this context, the individual’s skills require continuous updating: some even need to be abandoned to create space to take on board new ones.
Rapid generational evolution has brought five identifiable generations into the organisation, each with contrasting behaviours and expectations. Meanwhile, accelerated technological, economic and social developments demand behavioural adaptability, rapid decision-making, initiative and foresight. IdeaManagement’s Action Learning is built to satisfy these new requirements.


  • Interactive, pragmatic and strongly experiential learning methods
  • We hone key managerial competencies, developing effective behaviours
  • We facilitate constructive engagement and enable the re-skilling of mangers when necessary
  • Our team of trainers and learning facilitators have substantial and relevant training experience, acquired in different organisations via roles with significant responsibility

We design learning paths that generate behavioural change. Our managerial skill gyms engage and motivate because they enable experiential learning, involving participants in real world case studies, and they provide a toolkit which can be integrated and utilised into daily working life. The scientific rigour of our competency model is the robust common thread that holds together behaviours, contents, exercises and the process of consolidation, via an approach that adapts to the needs of the manager.


  • THE MANAGER’S CRAFT for People Management training
  • SKILLWALKER for training in everyday Leadership
  • MANAGERIAL GYMS for managerial competency training
  • MANAGERIAL MINDSET to be ready to rise to tomorrow’s challenges
  • Learning journeys that can be tailored to need by selecting from 8 available modules that comprise the entire learning path
  • Enables the training and development of managers
  • Helps managers motivate, manage, appraise and develop their team members

All the available Manager’s Craft learning paths can be viewed on the relevant page.

  • Training sessions of 4 hours for groups with a maximum of 6 people
  • Multilevel learning: modular and pervasive learning pathways that alternate team coaching and management applications
  • Applied Action Learning: over 70 exercises, transferable in the field
  • 1-2 day single theme workouts on the development of essential skills: from constructive management to managing mistakes to interpersonal negotiation
  • Introductory texts on theories; in the classroom sessions (online or face to face), priority is given to practical experience

Modules for training in the key competencies for creating value and dealing with future challenges


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